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Following are a whole bunch of new pictures of Jones. All the new ones in which he's not being held are unposed, including those in which he's playing with another kitten. He's now 15 weeks old! Also shown are some old pics that have never been posted. They were recieved undated but are from a bunch of times from the first two months of his life.

IMPORTANT: Jones is ill! Yesterday, Jones began to limp. Since then it’s gotten steadily worse and today he slept 90% of the time (though he IS eating). I took him to the vet who gave me a script for painkillers (dosage: 0.08cc which is about half a small raindrop) and suggested I wait a couple days and then, if it’s worse, come back. Here’s what I need from all of you: Ask your cats, kittens, baby ferrets, dogs, koalas and REALLY small pandas to please pray for Jones’s fast recovery. Make sure they pray extra hard, though... We’re all the way over in Jerusalem, Israel! Thanks!

The files are labelled with the date and time they were taken as filenames as follows: yyyy-mm-ddHHMMSSIDnumber.jpg The IDnumber is just to protect against multiple photos taken in the same second (surprising how common that is!) For reference, he was born on or around June 1st, 2006 which is, incedentaly, the same week I was released from a four month hospital stay!

New pictures of Jones the kitten!

Old, unseen pictures of Jones the Kitten!

I was also recently featured in CuteOverload’s “Cats’n’Racks” section! What an honor!

AND a whole buncha puppy videos from 1998 and videos of Jones on my YouTube account!

NEXT: Coming in the next post, ALL the Jones pics, most of which have been posted before and some new ones! LJ wouldn’t let me post it all together... TOO BIG, it claimed!
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